Mascot process

Steps towards your Mascot Process!
Each detail is taken care of
Company Analysis

To start off your mascot character journey, we host meetings to consult with you regarding the design of the mascot that would best describes your field of work.

We can work with your previous mascot ideas, update your ideas or even start from blank sheet of paper!

Brand Creation
We work with our clients

After finalizing your final mascot idea, we start off simple by producing sketches from various angels of the mascot character and at times providing you with clay sculptures to show you a 3D model of your mascot.

We host meetings in between the designing process to finalize materials, fabrics, colors, sizes and small details that will build up the mascot character


We start off your customized mascot with durable and lightweight head sculpture from foam.

Skilled designers and tailors pay careful attention to minimal mascot details ensuring each and every mascot costume is well made.

They have gained the proficiency and experiences of mascot making through the years to make any customized mascot character possible

Next Steps!

Next few steps our specialized tailors work with the costumes, shoes, gloves, props and many more detailed things of the mascot character.

Constant cooperation between you and our tailors will perfect the mascot character to make it as magical and realistic as we can!.

During the production we only use high end quality material to make it comfortable and appealing

Brand Creation
We work with our clients

Coming to final stages, we ensure that everything is in place by making final fittings and adjusting small details

From the start to the end of constructing your magical mascot character, we send you the photos of the mascot character production process throughout each step and only proceed after your confirmation so that you are pleased with the final mascot!

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