Maintenance in the process

Mascot After maintenance/repair

Ensure your mascot stays in top-notch condition with our expert costume cleaning services!

We provide a thorough cleaning and perform minor repairs at our specialized Mascot Factory 

Our comprehensive cleaning package includes:

  1. Body washing – From fleece, foam and fur, we handle all materials with care.

  2. Hand/paws or feet washing

  3. Inner body, undergarments, or body suite – These delicate parts receive gentle hand washing.

  4. Your mascot’s head undergoes meticulous hand washing, spot treatment for dirt, and deodorization.

  5. Clothing/accessories washing – We make sure your mascot’s outfits are as immaculate as they are.

  6. Minor repairs – From fixing loose threads to mending open seams, we take care of any small repairs we come across. If we notice more significant repairs are needed, such as gluing shoe soles, or replacing zippers, or permanent stains etc. we’ll provide you with a quote and seek approval before proceeding.

The cost of cleaning a mascot costume varies based on size and style.

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in preserving your costume’s appearance and prolonging its lifespan