Production Process

With you at every step of the way 
1. Creating a sketch/design

The customer explains his idea to us (and, if desired, sends images and photos), and we talk over the specifics of the mascot’s design.

After gathering the data, our designers create a free preliminary sketch of the mascot. Before production begins, the customer can change this sketch to visualize his prospective mascot.

However, we can still work with clients based on their sketches and adjust accordingly to suit the mascot’s needs.

2. Material and fabric selection

To give the client a fuller picture of the mascot’s potential appearance, we thoroughly discuss the materials that would be used in the production. 

Upon the client’s request, we can supply material samples by courier if necessary.

3. Starting the foundation

We design the future mascot as a full-size, lightweight frame and submit it for the client’s approval. You may now view the future mascot’s general shape and, if necessary, make changes.

4. Covering the frame fabric and sewing of accessories

Our experienced craftsmen hand-sheath the mascot’s body, manufacturing the right body shape suitable and flexible for even the performer’s comfort. 

The body, uniform, and accessories get tailored based on the performer’s measurement and re-tailored when necessary. 

5. Coordination with the client

We provide the client with pictures and videos of the finished mascot, moreover, upon your request, we bring it to you in person for confirmation. 

Upon your quality check and satisfaction with the mascot’s appearance, we proceed to the final stages. Our mascots are then packed and delivered with necessary last-minute touches. 

By doing so, we can guarantee that it satisfies both our stringent quality requirements and the expectations of the consumer.

To keep the client updated on all phases of the mascot’s construction, we send images at any time during the production process.

6. Delivery and shipment

We carefully pack the mascot and send it to the client anywhere around U.A.E for free.

We use reliable and insured shipping methods to also ship around the GCC countries and more!

Each mascot is delivered in a special waterproof bag that can be used for storage and transportation.